April Sun Energy

It’s not a coincidence that this and many other blogs started in April, and that red robins have excess energy to spend days pecking at their reflections in my skylight.  Squirrels chase each other around the house, internet dating activity is HIGH.

What this bird represents:

  • A guilt-inducing message from God “This house doesn’t belong here”, repeated at always surprise intervals.  Fading in and out of sleep, this is how I start my day.
  • Animal instinct during times of excess- to self destruct, to poop all over the local surroundings, to invent enemies where none exist, and spend time in the sun. Our trips to the bathroom are signs of civilization, the overman, the trans-human.
  • Animal instinct to fear, to be stubborn, to want what it can’t have, to lack long term memory, to miss the big picture, to be reset only by other needs (hunger, sleep, to write, etc.).



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