Here’s a partial list of things your car should know about you

  • You’re hungry (sense blood sugar, or phone tells it that you haven’t eaten)
  • You’re sleepy (reaction time is less than average)
  • Where you want to go right now (from historical databases, google searches, recent conversations)
  • You’re too cold or too hot
  • You’re happy, sad, stressed
  • You’ve gained weight, your look is disheveled, you need TLC
  • Identity and preferences of your passenger
  • You have to go to the bathroom

And a partial list of why people could dislike current driving experience

  • It’s bad for the environment- guilt
  • It’s uncomfortable to sit for a long amount of time
  • Public bathrooms
  • Nasty rest stop food
  • Hard to stay awake
  • Annoying passengers
  • Late for something, traffic is stressful
  • Wasted time
  • Dangerous
  • Directions are still annoying even with GPS
  • Can’t text
  • Speeding tickets
  • Getting gas when it’s cold out
  • Any kind of maintenance hassle
  • Parking in cities
  • Getting groceries in and out
  • Putting kids in and out
  • Monotony of same scenery on everyday commute
  • Car isn’t clean, must be cleaned
  • Expensive/Insurance

With this background info in mind, the future Apple Car should be something like this:


And, nobody wants to be the one to invent it, but everyone would appreciate a non-gross way to pee from the privacy of our cars.  Especially truckers, and we’d have less pollution.

If any of this seems far fetched, look at the interior of a private jet, currently the most luxurious way to travel.  Putin’s has a gym.  They all have bathrooms, showers, food, and drink.  Look at trains.  Why not cars?  There’s a good chance that the future of travel no longer includes airplanes, and people can live in cars instead of apartments.  No more need for doctors, restaurants, barbers, the entire service industry.  The car is the ideal basis of virtual reality because it’s small, mobile, completely encapsulates the human body, and people already expect the expense.

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