Future Blog Topics

The concept of Open Innovation

what is this whole transsexual thing.  Racism vs. freedom of speech.

The romantic joys of spotty Wifi

Future Improvements to Yelp- filter reviews, use paid pro’s (celebrities) David Foster Wallace style

online learing, especially tech subjects, staying motivated

Bluetooth dating

Reddit to decide court cases

A problem of the future- how to motivate talented people to actually do work instead of just living off of what we have achieved already.  Parallels to drug addicts

Why is stuff cheaper in China

The patent system, the future patent battles between Google, Amazon, Apple.  The future of government as controlled by tech companies, and why we can’t all just get along? Making Business as War a thing of the past.  Too big to fail, laws required for Capitalism to ensure that monsters are not created.  Tech companies have the nuclear weapons.  Who wins WW3, google or the USA.

Smartphones allowing more efficient markets

  • cars don’t sit still
  • homes don’t sit empty
  • clothes don’t sit in drawers
  • dynamic content on clothes, cars, anywhere else
  • less risk, less up front investment for individuals, lower insurance, pay as you go
  • fewer cars needed and more sharing = nicer cars
  • but privacy is still a premium- owning a private jet is better than renting.  Owning a porsche and knowing the seats are full of your DNA vs. someone else’s
  • but commune living in NYC, commune working at shared offices, already popular.
  • Preference for personalized service vs. robots vs. humans we don’t know when being served coffee or lunch
  • How to assign “value” to experiences, grocery store examples, yelp metrics


spending breakdown, credit cards , rent, etc

stereotypes and engineering culture differences, working with Japan, China, Russia, India

psychology of Travel

psychology of 1st message to 1st date online dating

psychology of 1st date to 3rd date

Johnny Manzeil  http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogergroves/2016/04/21/what-an-agent-worth-his-salt-can-do-for-johnny-manziel/#7029628617a1   http://www.forbes.com/sites/russprince/2012/12/04/how-life-coaches-become-very-wealthy-part-2-building-a-high-end-clientele/#67ca8bf34f6f



Germany, Japan, England, Trinidad

Machine Shops

Resumes Interviews Job Application Process

my diet

three principles and religion

The authors I like and why, John Updike, DFW, Chekhov, HST, FDostoyevsky


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