Personal Finances to date and early retirement study

My Age Now 30
My Age when money would force me to get a job 61
In Checking Account, 4/20/2016 $ 71,104
In Stock Market, 4/20/2016 $ 118,539
Loaned to Whiskey Business $ 10,000
Car/Other Possessions, Fair Market Value $ 10,000
Total Net Worth, 4/20/2016 $ 209,643
Cost of Food per week, based on 3 month study $ 130
Cost of Food per year $ 6,216
Cost of Food per Meal $ 5
Insurance per year $ 0*
Clothing per year $ 500**
Rent per year $ 0***

*Insurance is free because I ride a bicycle and/or drive with an uninsured, unregistered vehicle.  Maine declined to cover me under ObamaCare, so I have a special waver # to put on my tax return and will avoid the fine for not having health insurance.

**Estimated, to look reasonable in public

***I live with my dad and trade occasional labor for rent.  This is possible for anyone with house-sitting arrangements

Side note- There is no reason to pay for Microsoft Office.  I have been using an expired version of Office for months now, with no loss of functionality.

My career path from graduating school in Spring 2008 to Christmas 2015 was Engineer-> Sr. Engineer-> Director of Engineering.  I started at a large company and ended at a startup.  Through some luck and some not having an outside life, I averaged a 10% raise each year.


If I really were to do nothing for the next 31 years, a big regret would be that I could not continue the below graph, which is one of my long term goals.  Sometimes it’s the most significant one.


Here are some cumulative numbers over an 8 year career, and they reference total earned, not total “after tax”

Total Cumulative Income since I graduated $ 693,489
% Given to States via Tax % 6.04
% Given to Federal via Tax % 15.45
% Given to Charity % 8.74
% Saved available in Checking % 10.25
% Invested in Stock Market, available % 17.09
% Invested in Whiskey business % 1.44
% Spent on living % 59.02

One more graph, adding taxes to the last one:


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