I searched the internet for an instructional video with terms like “yoga for men”, “non-pretentious yoga”, etc.  I’d like to try (on Tom Brady’s recommendation), but I don’t want to hear about positive attitude, happiness, mindfulness, self-transformation, or even proper breathing.  Yoga has been so affected by the above concepts that I’d prefer a noticeably depressed instructor to one who’s making a disproportionate effort to be chipper.  False enthusiasm is a major turnoff for me.  I’m strictly interested in the physical aspects.  The mind and body are disconnected, that’s why Santa Clause is so jolly.

Interest in YOGA is leveling off, and it’s time for the a new trend.


Here’s what I want- the class is made up mostly of robot instructors, all moving exactly in unison like a military drill.  The ceiling, walls, and floors are mirrors, and I’m in the middle, so I can get my instructions anywhere I look (convenient w/ some of these poses).  The whole room is washed and polished when we’re done.  Any other humans present look like Gisele:


A monotone voice gives any verbal instructions needed, or better yet, I listen to sports talk radio, an episode of The Office, a Podcast, anything of my choice while I copy the robots. That’s how to relax my mind.

Alternatively, this could be done outside, in the sun, rain, cold, whatever when a change of pace is desired.

On 11 December 2014, The 193-member United Nations General Assembly approved by consensus, a resolution establishing 21 June as ‘International Day of Yoga‘   Best possible use of time?

YOGA from the height of its American trendiness:




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